This is a collaborative project. We will organise most things for you but we will need your help. Everyone will have a part to play and together we will be unstoppable!

To prove your commitment to the project we require a 1 minute audition video to introduce yourself to the team and show your worth. But don't stress, the entries have all being amazing but also quite abstract over the last couple of years, and hunny, we’re all about abstract. We are excited and committed, show us who you are and make a video of what we could expect you to bring to our wonderful camp, as weird and creative as can be.


Yes, we wish we could charge you nothing but unfortunately being fabulous doesn’t pay THAT well. Please note all prices below are in AUD.

  • Riding in Priscilla: $150

    • Returning Queens: $100*

  • Camping with Priscilla: $600

*Returning queens have paid for past bus repairs and services in previous cost prices and 2019 does not need them to pay the service and part expenses amount included in the whole transport cost.*

Riding in Priscilla

The pickup location is in Reno, the exact location will be announced closer to the date. After our beautiful bus management get you all set for the journey, we usually stop in at a bar to have a chat and get to know everyone. THEN begins the long journey into the desert with our very experienced bus driver, and no matter how long the line is (sometimes 12 hours, sometimes 3 hours..), you’ll be arriving most likely drunk from the bus party to Priscilla crew onsite ready to make sure you set up your tents and get this shit going!

Riding back is very much recovery and chill. The bus will be stopping at the Grand Sierra Resort where it sleeps for the next two nights whilst we decompress at the GSR after party. You are advised to recognise GSR as your onwards travel start point as we all split ways then (and for the switched on, it’s off to Lake Tahoe).

Camping with Priscilla

So that’s why your reading this, yeah? You want to camp with us? Well it’s not just camping you’ll do with us, we create an environment where we provide what you need to live and a community that will make you thrive.

Items included in the cost of camping:

  • Water

  • 2 cooked vegetarian meals each day (can cater to vegan)

  • Countless snacks

  • More alcohol than you could even attempt to get through

  • An interactive bar

  • Communal and partially sponsored wardrobe

  • Access to solar electricity through Priscillas solar panel

  • Access to generator power

  • Camp Shower (simple yet amazing)

  • Sound system

  • Events space

  • Communal shade space and lounge area

  • Waste (water and solid) disposal

^ And those are just the main ones ^


Two vegetarian meals a day will be cooked by the lovely camp members who are on cooking duty that meal time! We don’t skimp on the food like we do on the amount of fabric that covers our bodies, we make wholesome meals that are very tasty and will give you energy for your adventures. We roster on camp members to cook at 8am and others to cook at 6pm to have these meals ready for the rest of the camp.


Like any other Burning Man theme camp, we rely on our community to stick together to make Priscilla run wholeheartedly. This is why we take to…. the roster system! A roster will be formed from the answer you submitted in your application. The brain that conjured up the perfect roster last year, with everyones category requests, available times and mates requests a top priority, will be back at it again this year!! Get ready for the closest to perfect roster to be made that will help create AND run the best environment for us all on our Burning Man 2019 journey. Some of the funnest times you will have are running an event or doing a certain job at Priscilla, and we’re really not just saying that.