Priscilla is a bus.

Priscilla was once just a plan. To travel from the sunny beaches of Australia to the unknown wildernesses of Donald Trump's USA. To attend the once in a lifetime event, the Oregon Eclipse Festival! To dive head first into the creative dust storm that is Burning Man and to be fantastic the whole while.

, and now it’s an internationally renowned and thoroughly loved

Priscilla is an idea. Similar to the old saying "A single star of glitter doth not dazzle, but a universe of glitter will be impossible to get out of your bag, you'll probably have to chuck it" - Priscilla is about team work. It is a collaborative adventure not a tour group. A party bus by the party-people for the party-people to help the people party.

Guy Pierce.jpg

Priscilla is synergy. Prospective applicants must make a 1 minute video explaining why they should be allowed to contribute to the bus/camp/experience known as Priscilla. We choose camp members/bus riders based on the application process that shows why we need you and why we want you (video applications are the BEST way to show this to us). Those chosen to be apart of Priscilla in 2019 will fit together perfectly, a sexy Tetris of fabulous people. Everyone helping everyone shine.

Priscilla is a Bus. Seriously, that's what we will name the bus.

This idea came in the form of a gin and tonic in late 2016. It impregnated the mind of a young man known as Strommy. Soon enough he began to talk drunkenly about the bus, 'it's going to be great' he would say. a couple of months later he released this video...


After this video, Strommy began calling himself King Queen Felicity D'Been and apparently he now sleeps in the wig..

There is a growing team behind Priscilla, and with the fabulously sad goodbye we had to wave to King Queen Felicity D’Been, we’re moving forward to pursue Burning Man 2019 and the absolutely FABULOUS changes to Priscilla 2019 is going to bring.

What happens next is up to you. Do you want to be a part of this experience? Contact us here.