Full Time Queens

These are the Queens that just won't quit. Eclipse, Portland, San Fran, Reno, Burning Man and the after party. These are committed party people, they are the glitter filled heart of the bus. 


Mia Culpa - Goldy Horn

 We unicorns love to be fabulous and the centre of attention but we are also caring and devoted camp members who look out for friends. We are a little power unicorn duo that we hope will super charge the camp.

Late night nachos included ;)

Ginger Snap & Pablo Bigasshoe

The makeup artist and the beer opener. On a Priscilla themed party bus, what two people could be more important? And they are just so attractive! (Indentical twin not included)

Ginger Snap

Anita Cocktail

I was on a 2 year working holiday visa in England spent 7 months in Europe the first year and 3 months the second year
Did the whole UK trip, before I went on a German visa and now exploring Europe and USA. I'm drunk I don't even know if these details are even important? Lol



This beautiful Canadian hurricane of a man is coming to a bus near you!


Venus is the second planet from the Sun, she orbits it every 224.7 Earth days. She also has the longest rotation period of any planet in the Solar System and rotates in the opposite direction to most other planets.

Sharron Yamoot and Espresso Mankini

Brenno/ Brenda

I'm sure his/her video is in the post..