This is a collaborative project. We will organise most things for you but we will need your help. Everyone will have a part to play and together we will be unstoppable!

To prove your commitment to the project we require a 1 minute audition video to introduce yourself to the team and show your worth. But don't stress, the entries so far have all being amazing but also quite abstract. We are excited and committed, show us who you are; make a video.

Priscilla will go to Oregon Eclipse Festival and Burning Man, you need your own tickets, we will supply food, lots of alcohol, toys, a mobile bar, water, inflatable goods, phone chargers, speakers, things that shine, things that glow and all kinds of fantastic. <3



To attend the Oregon Eclipse Festival.

  • Riding in Priscilla:                             $500 AUD
  • Your own vehicle:                             $300 AUD

To attend Burning Man.

  • Riding in Priscilla:                             $700 AUD
  • Your own vehicle:                             $500 AUD


Food is important. These festivals are 7 days +, not the kind of parties you can just 'disco diet'. We will need fuel, also meals are a great way to bring the family together. So Priscilla will provide two camp cooked meals each day. All food will be vegetarian and other dietary requirements can be catered for.

We are proud to announce we have a celebrity chef managing the food. None other than Mr Luke Bond the chef and (less attractive) half of the incredible Tish Faco, those guys are breath taking!

A large breakfast will be prepared in camp by some of you fine people and served from 9-10am and a dinner from 5-6pm. Outside of these hours there will be left overs, snacks fruit and maybe some surprise late night nacho sessions.


Drinking is life. The human body is about 70% water, the same percentage as a refreshing mojito, coincidence? I doubt it.

With many of you volunteering for the position of bar tender/drink maker liquid coordinator, we will have to drink a lot just to keep up with supply! Whether it's cold brew martinis, mojitos, beers, white wine spritzers or the (soon to be) infamous Priscilla's Pink; there will be plenty of booze supplied.

Also at Burning Man, where you must be radically self-reliant and bring your own water, we will supply plenty.

The camp will be our home. It will be warm and safe and full of love. Here is an artists impression of how our camp might look. :)

Camp Setup

Priscilla Camp Layout-page-001.jpg

There will be a nice area of the finest ground for you to pitch your tent and make a space.

A kitchen that will cook and provide delicious meals twice every day with snacks and left overs in between.

A stage for fantastic performance. All kinds of wonders will be exhibited here. oh gosh

In front of the bus, in front of the stage there will be a large living area, this is out home.

There will be room for bikes, cars, unicorns and anything else we need.

At Burning Man there will also be a shower area!


The Bicycle, human's greatest invention, definitely better then sliced bread and a vast improvement on the wheel.

For Eclipse they will make distance disappear and put a glide in your step but for Burning Man they are as necessary as water, googles or fire. So we will need about 40 bicycles for Burning Man and if we are going to have them with us for Burning Man, we might as well have them at Eclipse. If you are only attending one, find a buddy that's only attending the other and go halfsies. :)

At Burning Man most people buy the cheapest one from Walmart, this is not perfect because Walmart is a Huge asshole, the bikes want to die and there will be 40 000 other identical bikes on the playa... These shitty pretend bikes are $79.97USD or around $106AUD. However Portland is packed full of cheap second hand bikes, packed full of rebicycled love and they are around the same price. So I propose a better solution.

For an additional $130AUD we will find a nice bike in Portland for you, buy it of a nice hipster and make sure its in working order! (JOB OFFER - Who wants to arrive in Portland a few days early and get some bikes ready??)

Let us know and roll on.