Leading Ladies

Someone has to steer and coordinate the directions of this radiant disco-ball explosion from the inside of Flick's well proportioned head and out into the wild world of the US of A.


Strommy - King Queen Felicity D'Been: A Past Queen

A once glorious leader and mastermind, we will miss King Queen and forever remember her and this amazing theme camp she has created.
(you have all seen this right?)



Lizzie Holliday - Holli D.Lite

Lizzie is a darling. With positivity and energy spewing out of her she is a must have on any party team. With organisational drive and people skills to boot, this party babe will get the job done.


Ben Alfred - The Streak!

Sometimes dressed only in a moustache, The Streak is so free and easy he runs laps around the encumbered competition. He is so helpful and friendly, he would give your the shirt off his back, or the pants off his legs..

ben2 (2).jpg

dave (2).jpg

Dave - Lady Glovebox

Attending over 20 festivals a year, Dave is a veteran, a dance floor warrior. With a masters degree in tent setup this gorgeous sparkle bomb will be erecting structures all over the place.