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Pack up camp - After party anyone?

Maybe its time to leave the desert? Pack up camp, leave no trace and leave the desert with dust in our hearts and burning in our souls. Congratulations, you are now a burner!

Priscilla then drives to Reno and we will spend the night at the Grand Sierra Resort. This is the after party (fancy that) but it sure is nice to get in a pool after a week in the desert. And if for some crazy reason you don't want to party after Burning Man and possibly Eclipse, don't worry, just enjoy the shower, the bed and the overall lack of dust.

They have a room called the Grand Queens (perfect right?) Two queen beds, $200 USD a night. Trust me, after the burn this will be great.


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to Sep 4

Burning Man!

Here we go! From Reno to Black Rock City is a 3 hour drive. But it will likely take us 15 hours. Imagine all the toilet breaks! gosh

Then we set up camp and embrace the mighty Burn! Are you ready?


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1:30 PM13:30

Pack up camp - Drive to Portland

Unfortunately there will come a time when we have to leave the Eclipse site and head back into society. Don't worry we are only going to Portland.

We will arrive in Portland probably in the evening, drop off some friends and have a quiet night... "quiet night"

*Note accommodation will be needed for this night, Book a room, make a friend, enjoy a bed.
Now I said accommodation had to be booked for this night. If you haven't booked it fear not, we can go to a free camping place, or just all sleep in the bus.

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9:30 AM09:30

Meet in Portland

Meet at a bar in Portland, have a couple of quick breakfast beers some, gin, we can each write out name tags, a couple of group hugs and finally on to the bus!

On board Priscilla we set sale into and across the Cascade mountains. This is the beginning of something special!

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